What's Happening at MVFCC:

​​Mount Vernon First Christian Church - Disciples of Christ 

The Mount Vernon First Christian Church gathers together as a community of faith, declaring Jesus our Christ, the one who reconciles us with God and with each other. We provide a place of traditional worship in a forthright, supportive, and open atmosphere. We are a congregation committed to serving local and global outreach ministries. 


News From the Pews:                                                                           Here is the yearly schedule for Pastor Steve & our Associate Pastors Jack & Liz Miller: Pastor Steve Coleman will serve MVFCC:                                                                                 

January-April-July-August-November-December                                               Church/Home Office Hours:  Monday - Thursday from 10:00am-1:00pm           Cell phone: 360-391-0395                                                                                  Associate Pastors Rev. Jack Miller & Rev. Liz Miller will serve MVFCC:          February-March-May-June-September-October                                                

Office Hours: 

Home-based hours on Mondays & Wednesdays from 10:00am-1:00pm & Church Office Hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00am - 1:00pm    

Cell Phones: 360-318-6068 or 360-510-9081                                                                           

*If you are in  need of Pastor care, feel free to call any of our wonderful clergy for help. Building Update:  We have been going through some major work to update and repair our central heating system. A new gas meter and line was installed, and the whole system was checked out and leaks were discovered. The repairs are on-going.  The cost for this huge project is rising. If you are able to contribute a few extra dollars above your monthly tithing, it would be very much appreciated. Our budget does not cover such a large expense, and we are grateful for your help.  As with any structure, repairs and maintenance are required in order to keep the doors open. Please pray that the work will be completed soon!                                                                                                                        

We are excited to welcome St. Clare Pastoral Center back to our building!  Revs  Jack & Liz Miller have worked hard to get the classroom near the main entrance door painted and cleaned. Stop by and see what they have accomplished. They will hold their church group services there each Sunday while we worship along-side them in the Sanctuary, then join us for Fellowship at 11:30. We are thankful for their commitment to our congregation, and we welcome their members to our Fellowship time.                                                        

We all are not only church, we, the people, are the church and we are on a journey together. It doesn't matter what religion or even if one needs to differentiate. We are ALL God's people on this journey. We love the unity and togetherness we have. Our church (when I use the term our church I mean both, First Christian, and St. Clare's) show the love of God, without judgement but what he has called us to do...love one another. We are truly a caring, loving community. We truly feel blessed to be serving.        

Liz and Jack Miller

Check the bulletin board for updated information about our congregation and the Disciples of Christ organization.

We have a date!  October 7-9, 2019 Englewood Christian Church in Yakima, WA will again be host to the Annual Turner Memorial Lectures.   The planning team is thrilled to share that author Philip Gulley has been engaged to address this year’s event.  Philip Gulley is a Quaker pastor and writer and speaker from Danville, Indiana where he lives today with his wife, Joan, and two dogs, Ruby and Jack. Gulley has also written several books of theology. He and co-author James Mulholland describe their progressive worldview in their books If Grace Is True and If God Is Love. Gulley then went on to write If the Church Were Christian in which he presents a profound picture of what the church could look like if it refocused on the priorities of Jesus. In his book The Evolution of Faith he proposes a fresh direction for Christianity and articulates a Christianity that, while faithful to the priorities of Jesus, can help its adherents live happily, peacefully, and productively in our complex world. The Nobel laureate Desmond Tutu said of that book, “In our ever-changing world, Gulley’s book is much needed. An important book for any person of faith.”
 Gulley’s 22nd book, entitled Unlearning God: How Unbelieving Helped Me Believe explores the process of spiritual growth, especially the re-interpretation of the earliest principles we learned about God.

"A Caring, Welcoming Community of Faith"

                                                  Minister Family  Musings

      Steve & Lela Coleman

Our congregation’s Moderator, Marcie Labo, recently announced a visioning group was being formed to explore the future for our church and then report their findings and recommendations to the board and congregation for whatever actions and decisions are deemed appropriate.  Please consider being a part of this very important group, as it works to determine how we should be as church in order to continue as a viable Christian presence in the community.   It will be a small group – three or four people – and will first meet with Marcie and the board to clarify the group’s purpose, establish timelines, and answer any other questions about the group’s goals and objectives.

I began this article just after finishing my message for Sunday, August 25.  It’s about faith in the face of opposition and is based upon a story in Luke’s gospel account of Jesus’ healing of a woman whose spirit had crippled her for eighteen years, which caused her to be bent over and unable to stand up straight.  Since the setting for the story was a synagogue on Sabbath, I devoted many of my comments to how churches can also be beaten down and become bent with pain and despair.  I also talked about how the sometimes-crippling nature of being church might be overcome.  As we begin to look at the future for our church, some of these words seemed appropriate to share, so here they are.  I hope they will provide a bit of encouragement and perspective as we start this journey to discover what our future as church might look like.

So, what happens to us when we gather as faithful people communing with God in a sacred moment in time?  What happens when we become wiser, ready, and fired up?  Why, we become church – a church that is enthusiastic with new possibilities; a church that is in the business of giving deeds of mercy to others; a church that looks outside of itself and sees the face of God in those without shelter, the hungry, the imprisoned, and the unclothed; a church that continually and incessantly fights against tendencies of greed and self-interest; a church unafraid to say we don’t have all the answers, but we’re still asking the hard questions and trying to discern what God expects us to do; a church that is wholly inclusive and welcomes the stranger; a church that exists mostly beyond the safe but often confining walls of the sanctuary; a church that always seeks justice and peace; a church committed to digging a little deeper to help those in need; a church where, with God, all things are possible, even in the face of opposition and doubt.        

And yet, sometimes life has a way of beating us down – individually and collectively.  It saps our enthusiasm and crushes our plans.  Little by little, we become bent over from failures, disappointments, slights, doubts, and even guilt.  Little by little, we bend even more as others place their burdens upon us and rob us of our strength and resolve.  We might end up like the bent over woman in the synagogue – lurking at the edges of the sanctuary wondering just where we can go from here. 

But this is the place, this assembly of very human and imperfect people – not these four walls which can be shaken; but it is this gathering in which Jesus walks among us and reminds us of the fullness of God’s love and the endless capacity we have for doing, together, God’s work in the world.  This is the place, this congregation, this church, this caring and welcoming community of faith, where Jesus calls out to us to come forward to be healed and to be refreshed – healed of the broken spirit that afflicts and twists us, and refreshed by the living waters of God’s love and forgiveness witnessed to us in Christ.

This is an exciting time as we explore all the possibilities for how we can best minister to the needs within the various communities our church represents.  Climb on board, I think it’s going to be quite a ride. With peace and joy, Steve  


​​What to Think About

So what DO you think about? Look through this list, and choose a few to incorporate into your daily thought process. Intentionally begin each day focusing on something positive. And do the same before you go to sleep at night.  You can think about:

1. Someone who you care about
2. Someone who cares about you
3. A challenge you overcame
4. A goal you have achieved
5. Some way in which God has blessed you
6. Something artistic you think is beautiful
7. An inspiring or beautiful place in nature
8. An accomplishment you can be proud of
9. Something you have learned
10. Someone you have helped
11. The hope you have in knowing Jesus
12. Someone who you would like to emulate (be more like)
13. What you believe to be most important in life
14. A character trait you would like to develop
15. Something you would love to do
16. How your life is different because of Jesus
17. Some way in which you have grown or matured
18. A time when you felt loved
19. Something you DO have a choice about
A time you felt God was close to you
20. A story of someone who overcame big challenges
21. A piece of music that lifts your spirits
22. A Scripture you find meaningful
23. Something you would like to make better for others
24. What it feels like to worship God                                            

Some of these thoughts involve memory. Some involve imagination. Some involve creativity. Some involve faith. All of those are great areas of your heart to draw on in choosing something good to think about. Before you go to bed tonight, give it a try. Doing so may not solve your problem, but it will sure give you a clearer mental edge in discovering what you can do about it.     From Lela