News From the Pews:  

 Happy November to All!                                                                                    Welcome back, Steve & Lela Coleman. We are eager to hear all about your visit with your family in Texas.  We keep our homebound friends, Chris and Vi, in our thoughts this month. They would appreciate a call, a card, or a scheduled visit.       

There are changes to our monthly meetings – The Elders will not meet in November and the General Board will meet on November 17.       

There is no Gal’s Night Out in November, but mark your calendars, and sign up today for our December 6th  Gal’s Afternoon Out at the Old Town Grainery and Tea Shoppe. We will meet at 1:00 pm for a very special tea and luncheon. Please bring a wrapped consumable (edible) gift, priced under $15.00.  For more information please see the sign-up sheet at church. Look online for the menu and pricing. It is time to fill Samaritan’s Purse Shoeboxes. Please consider making a cash donation to purchase the items needed, as well as help with the $9.00 per box shipping costs. We appreciate your continued support of this world-wide organization that serves so many deserving children. Designate your offering and place in the plate this Sunday. Thank You!                                           

You are all invited to join the Adult Sunday Class which begins at 9:30 am. every Sunday morning.                                                                      

Here is the yearly schedule for Pastor Steve & our Associate Pastors Jack & Liz Miller: Pastor Steve Coleman will serve MVFCC:                                                                                 

January-April-July-August-November-December                                               Church/Home Office Hours:  Monday - Thursday from 10:00am-1:00pm           Cell phone: 360-391-0395                                                                                  Associate Pastors Rev. Jack Miller & Rev. Liz Miller will serve MVFCC:          February-March-May-June-September-October                                                

Office Hours: 

Home-based hours on Mondays & Wednesdays from 10:00am-1:00pm & Church Office Hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00am - 1:00pm    

Cell Phones: 360-318-6068 or 360-510-9081                                                                           

*If you are in  need of Pastor care, feel free to call any of our wonderful clergy for help. Building Update:  We have been going through some major work to update and repair our central heating system. A new gas meter and line was installed, and the whole system was checked out and leaks were discovered. The repairs are on-going.  The cost for this huge project is rising. If you are able to contribute a few extra dollars above your monthly tithing, it would be very much appreciated. Our budget does not cover such a large expense, and we are grateful for your help.  As with any structure, repairs and maintenance are required in order to keep the doors open. Please pray that the work will be completed soon!                                                                                                                        


​​Mount Vernon First Christian Church - Disciples of Christ 

What's Happening at MVFCC:

We all are not only church, we, the people, are the church and we are on a journey together. It doesn't matter what religion or even if one needs to differentiate. We are ALL God's people on this journey. We love the unity and togetherness we have. Our church (when I use the term our church I mean both, First Christian, and St. Clare's) show the love of God, without judgement but what he has called us to one another. We are truly a caring, loving community. We truly feel blessed to be serving.        

Liz and Jack Miller

  Unimaginable Impact
You don’t know how many people have been strengthened because you asked God to encourage them; how many people have been healed because you prayed for their bodies; how many spiritual runaways have come home because you prayed for their souls. None of us may ever know the true effects of our prayers this side of death. But we do know this: History belongs to the intercessors.
—John Ortberg, The Life You’ve Always Wanted

The Mount Vernon First Christian Church gathers together as a community of faith, declaring Jesus our Christ, the one who reconciles us with God and with each other. We provide a place of traditional worship in a forthright, supportive, and open atmosphere. We are a congregation committed to serving local and global outreach ministries. 


Minister Family Musings

Steve & Lela Coleman

The older I get, the faster the years seem to fly by. It’s hard to believe it’s November already.  Maybe some of you have the same issue.  Soon, Thanksgiving will be upon us, with Christmas following swiftly behind.  With the new schedule we have at church this year – sharing time with Liz and Jack Miller – Lela and I really thought we’d be able to catch our breath, get a few long-neglected projects accomplished, and spend more time in Texas with Scott, Libbie, and Ainsley.  True, we have knocked a couple of items off our lengthy to-do list, but even more have been added.  And we have been able to spend some time in Austin, catching up with the kids and seeing some of Ainsley’s sports and school activities.  That’s been fun, for sure.  But the days keep speeding by.
Soooooooo, because time doesn’t slow down, we’ve talked it over and discussed it with Jack and Liz, and we’ve all decided we’d like to try this shared pastoral support program for another year.  If the congregation and the board agree, the Colemans will once again be available for six months in 2020; and the Millers will cover the other six months.  We haven’t developed the final schedule; but we will have it in time to present to the board later this month.  If any of you have any suggestions or comments, please let one of us know.  We want to make sure we’re providing pastoral support that meets your needs.
Because we did have more time to spend with the family this year, Lela and I were able to be in Austin for three weeks during late September and early October.  Bad timing!  Although we were able to watch Ainsley play in a few of her fast-pitch softball games and we did have more time with her and Libbie and Scott, we were also limited by the weather in the things we could do.  For twenty of the twenty-one days we were there, the daytime temperature was above 95 degrees, dropping down to the mid-70’s at night.  Unfortunately, the humidity was about as high on most days.  Next year, we’ve decided to go early in spring or later in the fall.  Maybe we’ll be able to be outdoors more during our visit.  But being there with the kids was still much better than simply communicating via Skype, text, and email.
After being in the sweltering heat in Texas, it was even better coming home to Mount Vernon and the company of all of you.  We missed you, and we missed the northwest.  This month, it will be good to be back with all of you in church.  We’ve missed that, too.               
With hope for peace, justice, and laughter,   Steve (Lela, too)

From the Region
Dear NWRCC Disciples Women,

Have you felt a little parched, as if you’ve been in the desert for a long time? What can quench your thirst? We’ve got the answer – the companionship of your sisters. We are excited to present to you Seeking God’s Grace in the Desert, the interregional Disciples Women event that will happen on June 12-14, 2020 in Las Vegas. This is a collaborative program of the Wild Women of the West (WWOW), made up of Disciples Women from Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Hawaii, Washington, Wyoming, California, Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana (yes, it really IS that amazing and collaborative!) This weekend will be full of connections and friendship that you did not know could exist among sisters from all over the western United States. We are especially excited to present our speakers to you. Rev. Lori Tapia, National Hispanic Pastor, will enliven you with her passion for Jesus. Rev. Dr. LaTaunya L. Bynum will inspire you with her wisdom and conviction for the Gospel. The young women’s group of speakers, Sianna Smith, Yvette Hernandez-Becerra, and Jess Kim will show you the powerful present and future of the church. This event is multi-lingual and inter-generational. When Disciples Women gather, things happen. It is not to be missed. Your planning team has worked incredibly hard to keep registration costs low and the quality of the event sky-high. Right now, adult women can register for only $99 – an investment that will only last through Feb. 1, 2020. Lower rates are available for youth and children, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to get registered today. Ready to register? Just go here to get started!

Reflections on the Journey

The Week of the Ministry began in 1933 as a reminder to celebrate and honor the call to ministry. Somehow, it has morphed into the month of

ministry, but even then it is not long enough to fully give thanks for the many ministers in our midst. Today I am especially grateful for the blessing of serving alongside the gifted and talented ministers within and across the Northern Lights Region.

 For those who have been in ministry for many years and radiate wisdom and insight.
For those who are just starting their ministerial journeys and already are changing the church for the better.
For bi-vocational pastors who balance full-time jobs with what always turns out to be full-time ministry
For retired pastors who continue to be engaged in service to the church in a multitude of ways
For our students who are honestly and faithfully discerning God’s call for their ministry.
For the members of the Commission on Ministry who are supporting students and walking alongside them in in-care committees and ordination interviews.
For congregations who willingly receive students in internships and teach them how to be pastors

For congregational pastors, new church pastors, chaplains, specialized ministries, regional and general church ministers, and on and on. In the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) we celebrate the priesthood of all believers, recognizing that all of us are called to ministry. And yet, we also recognize that some are called to particular forms of ministry, set apart by the church for ministry. During this month especially we lift up those ministries and give thanks. If you are a pastor, know that your ministry is valued and appreciated. If you have a pastor, take a moment to say “thanks.”

 Walking this journey with you,  Sandy Messick, Regional Minister

Check the bulletin board for updated information about our congregation and the Disciples of Christ organization.

Thanks To God

Thanks for prayers that thou hast answered,
Thanks for what thou dost deny.
Thanks for storms that I have weathered,
Thanks for all thou dost supply.
Thanks for pain, and thanks for pleasure.
Thanks for comfort in despair.
Thanks for grace that none can measure,
Thanks for love beyond compare.
Thanks for roses by the wayside,
Thanks for thorns their stems contain.
Thanks for home and thanks for fireside,
Thanks for hope, that sweet refrain.
Thanks for joy and thanks for sorrow,
Thanks for heav’nly peace with thee.
Thanks for hope in the tomorrow,
Thanks through all eternity!
—August Storm, 1891

"A Caring, Welcoming Community of Faith"