Community Outreach
Jesus calls us to service. In answering his call, we support a number of community service organizations and projects. Among these are the Friendship House, Skagit County Community Action Agency, Domestic Violence Women's Shelter, Everett's Common Ground and Common Table, Family Promise, Neighbor's in Need, Samaritan's Purse Shoe-box Project, and Lincoln Elementary School.

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​       Mount Vernon First Christian Church 

Disciples of Christ 

Birthdays                                                         November                                                       7-Ellen Hankins                                              20-Jennifer Francis-Schmidt                           24-Debbie Morrison                                        26-Art Neumarkel                                            30-Jon Wallace                                                December                                                        8-Jake Serna                                                   9-Robert Serna                                                10-Susan Rodney        

21-Joyce Crock        

ANNIVERSARIES                                          November 23-Glenn & Jill Allen                       December- 11-Alan & Nona Carter                                                     


December-Kerri & Lady

December Homebound: Beverly Madlung     December1, Joyce Leak                                December 8, Don Leak                                  December 15, Beverly Madlung                     December 22, Jim Paget                              December 29, June Steen  

Fellowship Hosts:                                        Dec 1, St. Clare Chapel (Birthdays)            December 8, Marcie & Sharon                 December 15, Joyce & June                December 22, Bev & Wilma                      December 29, Jeanne & Joyce                     

Holly was first used by pagans to decorate for the festival of Saturnalia. When Christians began celebrating Christmas in honor of Christ, they adapted that decorating practice to reflect Jesus’ life and death. Holly’s pointed leaves symbolize the crown of thorns and its red berries symbolize Christ’s blood shed on the cross. Because holly thrives and its berries retain their brilliance even in harsh winter conditions, non-Christians saw it as a symbol of eternity — which is fitting for Christians as well.

The promise of the future                                                                                                      A nursing home resident who longed for fresh Georgia peaches discovered a pit overlooked in his serving of canned fruit. In an old coffee can, he planted the stone, which sprouted! The man gave the small tree to friends to plant. Years later, the peaches were so abundant the neighbors had to give some away.
Lila Docken Bauman recounts this story for the Christian Century, saying the man who took that gamble “did not live to see [it] grow into the tree that ultimately produced this harvest. But when he looked at that pit years ago he saw the promise of fresh fruit. … ‘Who despises the day of small things?’ asks the prophet Zechariah. It’s in those small things that the promise of the future rests.”
Just so, some 2,000 years ago, in a small baby born in a tiny town — both seemingly inconsequential — rested “the promise of the future” — the salvation of the whole world.

These Times They are  A’Changing

The Mount Vernon First Christian Church has stood its ground for many years, and overcome many challenges. We have endured through the high times and the low. While our ministry in the valley has held strong our numbers have continued to drop, and our giving has continued to drop, no matter the interventions we have put in place, so that we have come to a critical point in our ministry. Do we ask those who so faithfully support the church to give even more, to do even more?  With the Coleman’s requesting a half-time service to our congregation, and the addition of Jack & Liz Miller as Associate Pastors, we have worked hard to continue  providing a welcoming and caring community of faith to our congregation and to those who visit.  But the time has come to make some difficult decisions. So how do we move forward from here?

We all must first agree that we cannot continue without a workable plan for the future.  We know that change is hard to handle, even harder for us, the elderly crowd now worshipping each Sunday. There has been much discussion as to how to go forward in order to keep our small but faithful group together. Do we need to think about selling this red brick building? The repairs and maintenance have become almost too much to handle for those few who have assumed the responsibility.  Can we keep our ministry in Mount Vernon active if we move to a smaller, more affordable location?  How do we plan for the next stages of our ministry?  These are decisions that should be made by the whole congregation. Your thoughts and prayers are needed.  Please share your point of view with a Board member. Tell us how you see the MVFCC moving forward into 2020 and beyond.     

We appreciate each and every one of you who shares the love and supports the mission of this church by participating each Sunday in Worship and Fellowship.

Go in Peace, Beverly Madlung



December 2019  -  Calendar of Events
Friday, December 6, 1:00 pm—Old Towne Grainery Tea Room—Gal’s Afternoon Out Christmas Gift Exchange.                               Saturday, December 7, Hanging of the Greens at 10:00 am.       Sunday, December 8, General Board Meeting 11:45 am.              Sunday, December 15, Board Elections following worship.          Tuesday, December 17, Men’s Breakfast at 7:30 am.                    Sunday, December 22, Christmas  Worship Service at 10:30—No 9:30  Class. *Cookie/Nativity.

Tuesday, December 24, Candle Light Service at 6:00 pm.            Friday, December 27, Friendship House Meal prepared and served. Volunteer.   

Special dates
• First Sunday of Advent, December 1, 2019
• Second Sunday of Advent, December 8, 2019
• Third Sunday of Advent, December 15, 2019
• First day of winter, December 21, 2019
• Fourth Sunday of Advent, December 22, 2019
• Christmas Eve, December 24, 2019
• Christmas Day, December 25, 2019
• New Year’s Eve/Watch Night, December 31, 2019

Our Denomination

As members of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), we believe our only creed is Christ. We shouldn't burden our lives with confusing rules of fellowship. There is no test of membership beyond faith in God's love and the Christ we have in Jesus, who leads us to reconcilliation with God and each other. Our emphasis is placed on living in ways that confirm our beliefs and understanding. At our best, we carry out a ministry that makes a difference in the world and reflects the good news of God's grace extended to all people.

Beyond the Building
The Christian does not go to the temple to worship. The Christian takes the temple with him or her. Jesus lifts us beyond the building and pays the human body the highest compliment by making it his dwelling place, the place where he meets with us.         

MVFCC Volunteer Opportunities:

1. The Friendship House needs you the last Friday of every month. Sign up at church this Sunday.

2. Neighbors in Need Food Bank is looking for donations of canned and dry foods. Place in the bins provided this Sunday.

Visit us at:

900 Skagit Street

Mount Vernon, WA 98274

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Schedule of  Weekly Events
*Sunday Class - 9:30 am

*(except summer months)

Sunday Worship Service - 10:30 am
Sunday Fellowship Time - 11:30 am