MVFCC Volunteer Opportunities:

1. The Friendship House needs you the last Friday of every month. Sign up at church this Sunday.

2. Neighbors in Need Food Bank is looking for donations of canned and dry foods. Place in the bins provided this Sunday.

3.  Our Common Table requests financial donations for growing their congregation.

4. Family Promise: We partner with Salem Lutheran Church on a rotating basis to provide food, shelter and support for families who are struggling to find affordable housing and employment opportunities.

Community Outreach
Jesus calls us to service. In answering his call, we support a number of community service organizations and projects. Among these are the Friendship House, Skagit County Community Action Agency, Battered Women's Shelter, Everett's Common Ground and Common Table, Family Promise, and Lincoln Elementary School

Hours of Worship
We gather together for worship service on Sunday mornings beginning at 10:30 am. Each week, during our worship service, we celebrate through prayer, song, scripture, message, and communion. In sharing of the Lord's Supper, we remember and honor Jesus our Christ. Everyone is invited to participate.


MVFCC General Board Meeting Minutes - October 8, 2017                                                                     

The meeting was called to order by Marcie at 11:53 a.m. Minutes from both the September General Board Meeting (9/17) and the September Special Meeting (9/24) were approved as written.  Pastor's Report - Steve reported that the Annual Report is being prepared. He is also working on the revision of the Covenant Agreement. The Marshallese Church has caught up on their past due payment.  Worship Report - Marcie reported that choir practice will start October 16 at 7 pm.  Diaconate Report - Ardys Adams will resign as a diaconate at the end of the year.  Elder's Report - The elders met in September.  Financial Secretary Report - Written reports for August and September were presented.  Treasurer's Report - Debbie presented a written report showing a small surplus.  Outreach Report - Jeanne reported that the shipment cost for the Shoeboxes will increase to $9.00/box this year. A request for donations will be made.  Trustees Report - After a review of the manual by Art Neumarkel, an anti-terroism clause will be added to our policy.  Old Business: As a contingency for renewal of our CCI Copyright License, we will be required to report our copyrighting activity for the fall/winter quarter. Marcie will take care of that matter. The current payment is due today from the Marshalllese Church. Steve will stay until Pastor Brees arrives in order to receive it.  New Business - Bev presented information on a possible way for MVFCC to further its efforts as a Green Chalice participant. That would be to join the PSE effort to provide clean energy through proceeds from monthly contributions by customers. The minimum monthly contribution would be $4.00. After much discussion, we agreed to table the issue for now and revisit the possibility in a few months.  Our next meeting will be November 12, 2017. The meeting was adjourned with a prayer.

Open Volunteer Position for Family Promise Coordinator                                                                                         
We usually put the sign-up sheets about 2 weeks before our week of Family Promise.
These are the sheets for the meals and evening, and for lunch items. I have each of these on my computer that I will send to you.
Meeting: the meetings are every 2 months, on the 1st Tuesday of the month. They are held on St. Paul’s Church
Communication with Don Moe at Salem Lutheran Church regarding what they may need for the weeks when we have Family Promise. He is aware that we have a schedule that we always do of Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. We provide the food, and the person to be there from 5:30 – 8:30.
Don will also give a list of the items that they will need for lunches for the week. Those items would need to be taken to Salem Lutheran on the Sunday that our week starts.
For our 2 major fundraisers each year, you would coordinate our churches participation in those fundraisers. This usually involves collecting donations, and turning them in before the night of the fundraiser or that night. Any other participation in the fundraiser would be entirely up to you.
If there is not a spot that is filled for our rotation, then you would need to fill it. This rarely happens.

This really is a great position. I really enjoy the comradery between the coordinators. They are a great group of people.  I just have too many things on my plate with the responsibilities of being on the Board. I am now taking over many of the financial duties for Family Promise.

Please see me for more information or to volunteer!   Thank you, Debbie Morrison

First Christian Church General Board Meeting                                                     November 12, 2017

Present: Marcie Labo, Kerri Serna, Debbie Morrison, Beverly Madlung, Jill Allen, Wilma Reeves, Steve Coleman.  October minutes read and approved.

Pastor Report: Sunday classes are back in session and are well attended.  Steve is in contact with Jack & Liz Miller to coordinate a joint Christmas Ever service on December 24.

Worship Report: Marcie questioned the importance of paying for the CCLI insurance. Steve reported that other groups who use our building would also be protected. Marcie will send in a report quarterly as to the music we have copied.

Diaconate Report: Wilma is working on the 2018 schedule.

Elder’s Report: The Elders will meet for a social dinner in January.

Financial Report: Kerri reported that $465.00 was raised for our member in need through the Good Sam jar.  The Samaritan’s Shoebox donations for postage needed for sending the boxes this month has been collected in full.

Treasurer Report: Funds were low for this reporting period. We need to watch our spending.

Trustees Report: The trustees will meet in January to discuss investing the funds from the rental account. They will meet with a representative from Thrivent Financial, who specializes in church investments. The trustees will bring their recommendations to the Board.

New Business: The church was broken into on November 11, and the sound mixer, Shoebox items, and cash from Circle of Hope was taken. The main entrance door was damaged, and has been repaired. (Not discussed at the meeting, but for the record, a police report has been filed). Our Church Mutual insurance policy has a deductible of $500.00.   The total amount for the stolen items does not exceed this amount. We will not file a claim at this time. Dimensional Sound met with Steve and will send an estimate for replacement of the sound equipment. It was decided that the locked cash box near the coat rack will be moved into the locked Distribution room to prevent a future break-in there.  Wilma commented on the need for a security system, and it was decided that we did not need one at this time.

Nominations for the General Board for 2018 are open. Beverly will send out an email to the congregation requesting members who have an interest in serving on the board to speak up. Most of the positions will stay the same unless someone comes forward. A congregational meeting and election of officers will take place on December 17 following Worship service.  We are looking for a new person to schedule the Family Promise meals.

Steve and Lela are requesting a leave of absence for sabbatical during the months of September-November 2018. The board discussed options as to how to fill the pulpit. Steve suggested we ask Jack and Liz Miller, and Luke Sumner to speak on Sunday, and have the elders fill in during the week. Steve passed out his proposal to the board and it will be on the agenda for December. We will also approve his pastor compensation for 2018 at this time.

Rita requested two weeks off in January. This was approved.

Next Board meeting will be held on December 10, 2017.  Meeting was adjourned.

 Mount Vernon First Christian Church   - Disciples of Christ 

News from the Pews

During the month of November we will collect dried and canned foods, and paper products,  to be delivered to the Skagit Food Bank right before Thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for, and the least we can do is share our bounty with those in need.  Bring your donations to church and put them in the bins provided.

We will again pack Samaritan’s Purse shoeboxes to send to children all over the world. Check with Joyce Crock for needed items, or donate cash to help pay for postage. Put your donations in the offering plate, marked with “Shoebox”. We appreciate all you do for children this Christmas season. 

We celebrated Pastor Family Appreciation month with a special service and fellowship time. Steve and Lela are special people, and we are so thankful for their dedication and commitment to our congregation.

The Book Club meets the last Sunday of each month. If you have not joined the group, there is still time to order the book before meeting in November.  See Steve for more information.

Don’t forget to Fall Back one hour on November 4 before going to bed!

Support Mount Vernon First Christian Church when you shop at
This link will take you directly to in support of our organization so you won’t have to search for our charity among almost a million other organizations. It’s the easiest way for us to find and support our church.

Our Denomination

As members of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), we believe our only creed is Christ. We shouldn't burden our lives with confusing rules of fellowship. There is no test of membership beyond faith in God's love and the Christ we have in Jesus, who leads us to reconcilliaton with God and each other. Our emphasis is placed on living in ways that confirm our beliefs and understanding. At our best, we carry out a ministry that makes a difference in the world and reflects the good news of God's grace extended to all people.


Partnering with Our Common Table and Our Common Ground: 
Our Common Table is a new Christian Community seeking to cultivate spaces of welcome for all people where we can explore and practice life in the way of Jesus together, seek holistic justice, and love and celebrate our neighbors and neighborhood.

Donate to Our Common Ground:
Here is a current list of needed items at Our Common Ground:
Socks (new crew socks are preferred)
Gift Cards to grocery stores and restaurants in Everett
Coffee (preferably ground)
Snacks (protein rich and non-perishable are best)
Plastic Tarps
Razors and Shaving Cream
Toothbrushes and Toothpaste
Bottled Water

Foot Powder


Visit us at:

900 Skagit Street

Mount Vernon, WA 98274

Call us at:


Email us at:

Schedule of Weekly Events

Sunday Class - 9:30 am

Sunday Worship Service - 10:30 am

Sunday Fellowship Time - 11:30 am

Monday Prayer Group  - 10:00 am

Bible Study - 6:00 pm