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Community Outreach
Jesus calls us to service. In answering his call, we support a number of community service organizations and projects. Among these are the Friendship House, Skagit County Community Action Agency, Domestic Violence Women's Shelter, Everett's Common Ground and Common Table, Family Promise, Neighbor's in Need, Samaritan's Purse Shoe-box Project, and Lincoln Elementary School.

MVFCC Volunteer Opportunities:

1. The Friendship House needs you the last Friday of every month. Sign up at church this Sunday.

2. Neighbors in Need Food Bank is looking for donations of canned and dry foods. Place in the bins provided this Sunday.

A Look at Beauty

Remember kaleidoscopes — those tubes you hold up to your eye and point toward the light to see colorful shapes? When the far end of the optical instrument is turned, fragments of material inside an “object cell” shift and mirrors set at angles reflect light through the pieces, forming ever-changing patterns. A multi-hued flower might become sunlight through a round stained-glass window or fireworks on a clear night.

Various materials can be placed in the cell — tiny figures, twisted bits of metal, lace, viscous liquid — but often broken bits of glass are used, to beautiful effect! In fact, David Brewster, inventor of the kaleidoscope in 1817, named it after the Greek word kalos, for “beauty.”

Everyone feels broken, twisted or shattered at times. But when God’s perfect light shines in and through us, reflecting among the fragments of our imperfect lives, we, too, become beautiful. Out of our sinfulness and brokenness shines the beauty of compassion, kindness, perseverance, hope, love — delightful patterns to brighten this hurting world.

Our Denomination

As members of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), we believe our only creed is Christ. We shouldn't burden our lives with confusing rules of fellowship. There is no test of membership beyond faith in God's love and the Christ we have in Jesus, who leads us to reconcilliation with God and each other. Our emphasis is placed on living in ways that confirm our beliefs and understanding. At our best, we carry out a ministry that makes a difference in the world and reflects the good news of God's grace extended to all people.

Share some laughs — or groans — with these autumn-themed jokes:

• What did the tree say to autumn? “Leaf me alone!”
• What did one autumn leaf say to another? “I’m falling for you.”
• How do you fix a broken pumpkin? With a pumpkin patch.
• Why are trees very forgiving? Because in the fall they “let it go” and in the spring they “turn over a new leaf.”
• How do leaves get from place to place? With autumn-mobiles.
•What’s the ratio of a pumpkin’s circumference to its diameter? Pumpkin pi.

​       Mount Vernon First Christian Church 

Disciples of Christ 

Birthdays                                                           October                                                             13-Jackie Hankins                                            19-Gracie Hankins                                           21-Susan Neumarkel                                     26-Mike Madlung                                            27-Kerri Serna                                                30-Oneda Boerner                                         31-Ronnie Lidstrom                                          November                                                         7-Ellen Hankins                                              20-Jennifer Francis-Schmidt                           24-Debbie Morrison                                        26-Art Neumarkel                                            30-Jon Wallace                                                December                                                         8-Jake Serna                                                   9-Robert Serna                                                10-Susan Rodney        

21-Joyce Crock        

ANNIVERSARIES                                           October 11-Ryan & Justine Morgan                 October 26-Dave & Terri Meekhof                   November 23-Glenn & Jill Allen                       December- 11-Alan & Nona Carter                            


Beyond the Building

The Christian does not go to the temple to worship. The Christian takes the temple with him or her. Jesus lifts us beyond the building and pays the human body the highest compliment by making it his dwelling place, the place where he meets with us.         


October-Kurin & Ashley

November Wilma & Nona

December-Kerri & Lady

Homebound: June Steen                               October 6, Joyce Leak                                  October 13, Don Leak                                    October 20, Art Neumarkel                            October 27, June Steen 

November Homebound-Jim Paget                 November 3-Jim Paget                                 November 10-June Steen                             November 17-Jill Allen                                   November 24-Art Neumarkel                         December Homebound: Beverly Madlung     December1, Joyce Leak                                December 8, Don Leak                                  December 15, Beverly Madlung                     December 22, Jim Paget                              December 29, June Steen  

Fellowship Hosts:                           
 Oct. 6, Marcie & Sharon (Birthdays)   October 13, Joyce L & June                    October 20, Wilma & Bev                      October 27, Jeanne & Joyce                 November 3, Terri & Jill (Birthdays)  November 10, Cece & Debbie                       November 17, Lady & Kerri                     November 24, Mary & Lela                            Dec 1, St. Clare Chapel (Birthdays)            December 8, Marcie & Sharon                 December 15, Joyce & June                December 22, Bev & Wilma                      December 29, Jeanne & Joyce                         

Visit us at:

900 Skagit Street

Mount Vernon, WA 98274

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Schedule of  Weekly Events
*Sunday Class - 9:30 am

*(except summer months)

Sunday Worship Service - 10:30 am
Sunday Fellowship Time - 11:30 am